Why Use - Gorilla Boxes for Your Move?

How renting plastic boxes can really make a difference in the way you move.


How do plastic box rentals really make a difference.

Most People have moved their home or business items using cardboard boxes that are both expensive and environmentally taxing. However, there is a better option that can save time, money, and harm to the environment. Using reusable moving boxes made of recycled plastic can be an affordable alternative to buying cardboard boxes that are wastefully discarded. Here are some reasons why:


Even with all these benefits, you would think that reusable moving boxes would be more expensive than buying cardboard boxes. Gorilla Boxes are less costly than buying cardboard boxes, making it the better choice all the way around.

Durable Reusable:

Gorilla boxes are made from high-density polyurethane recycled plastic that can take the strain of moving from one place to another. Unlike cardboard boxes, they do not give in easily to the weight of other boxes, especially when stacked upon them. The sides, top and bottom, are all made of hard plastic.

Water resistant:

One big issue, especially with all the expensive electronics that need moving, is keeping them safe from moisture. Plastic moving boxes are a great way to protect electronics and other vital items like documents and photos that can be easily damaged from moisture.


Moving can a chore, and needing to buy boxes and bring them home is one more chore. Gorilla box will deliver the boxes to you and pick them up when you are done unpacking at your new location, saving time and money.

Space efficient:

Gorilla Boxes come in sizes that stack nicely when empty or when full. They take up minimal space to store or stack in a moving van.

Environmentally friendly:

reusable moving boxes are environmentally friendly since they are used again and again. No more boxes added to the landfills after each move.

Less painful:

Most people who have packed using cardboard boxes have experienced paper or packing tape cutter injuries. Plastic reusable moving boxes eliminate the exposure to those kinds of cuts.

Easy to open and close:

Plastic reusable moving boxes from GorillaBox are easy to open and close, unlike boxes that have been sealed with tape. You can easily add more items or check the contents of a box if necessary.

For your next move, whether it is for your home or business, take the time to investigate reusable moving boxes from Gorilla Box. There is no reason to pay more for a lesser packing option. Visit our product page and explore different sizing and pricing options. You can order online and call one of our friendly customer service representatives to help you with your order, at 1-866 222 1504


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